With an insight for what works for cities, Steven develops best practices and strategies that help to shape urban development, delivering market-based-solutions to build greater community prosperity and competitiveness.

Working with leading urbanists, real estate developers, and city practitioners, Steven takes on the complex and vexing challenges facing cities and offers best practices and insights for reshaping real estate and economic development.




Stuck in Traffic

By | 2019 Insights

The world is abuzz with talk of a mobility revolution. This encompasses new modes of transportation, from ride sharing and electric cars to bike sharing, scooters, and even self-driving cars. But how much of that is hype, and how much is reality in Miami?

Defining Lynchburg

By | 2019 Insights

Economic development 101 is about telling your story to the right stakeholders and having a clear message about who you are and what you are and what your value proposition is.




Tulsa Inspires

By | 2016 Insights

Tulsa Inspires, a celebration of the region’s inventive, creative, entrepreneurial and leadership potential, will drive Tulsa new economic development identity.